Saturday vid that you didn't know you needed in your life
No really, watch this vid. You will not regret it.

A Ukranian polka band plays Katy Perry's Hot n Cold. Yes it is amazing. My stomach hurt from laughing after I saw this.

While you enjoy that I will be catching up on my December meme posts. This week ended up being very social in the evenings which killed my writing/thinking time, and last night was a Code P&P, so I wasn't interested in talking with the world.

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The 100 2x08


still my favorite show of the moment, major spoilers for 2x08 SpacewalkerCollapse )


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December meme: a fic I really wish existed
I have now rearranged my December talking meme schedule to reflect reality since I took the weekend off. Sorry to people who got pushed down the line - I will get to them!

[personal profile] melannen  said: Talk about a fanfic that you really wish existed, but doesn't

So I've been thinking about this one for a few days, and I contemplated doing something like what I did with the crossovers list and put several up, but I think I'm going to just stick with one fic for this post because it's one I'm working on (for values pre-2014), that I've been stuck on, that's made me cry because I can't figure it out, made me giggle because I love some of the scenes I've written, and one that I am determined to finish one day just to prove that I can write a story of this scope.

It's the Merlin Epic of Doom, that I started after season 3, way back in 2011. I was going to try and finish it for a big bang, which didn't happen. And since then I've decided I need to rewrite a huge chunk of the beginning because the pov's are all messed up. All that aside, it's the story I need from Merlin like burning.

spoilers for Merlin season 3 and the story I will one day eventually writeCollapse )
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Mockingjay part 1
I think the movies are for me what the books could have been but weren't.

I just went and saw Mockingjay Part 1 and I loved it. It was haunting and dark and yet had the sense of the big movement of the rebellion that give you hope that they just may be able to pull this off. I connected to the story in a way I did not with the book. It felt more like an actual story rather than a series of events.

Stepping back, I didn't really care for Mockingjay the book that much when I read it. I adored The Hunger Games, mostly liked Catching Fire, and was kind of enh about Mockngjay. I know it's been said before, but I do agree that the scope of the story that Collins was trying to tell got lost and hurt by being stuck in Katniss's point of view in that third book. It really needed to be broken out. And I get it - the series was started, the story grew, writing rebellion and big things happening with the themes of how broken it makes your main characters, that's hard to do. But she didn't quite pull it off. I am so glad, however, that she pulled it off enough to have these movies come out of them because they are taking the books that one step farther that they need to really capture the story and Katniss's trauma, which is a major theme of the book.

So thank you filmmakers for giving me a movie I can love as much as I wanted to love the book.

There are a number of moments that really hit me:
spoilers for MockingjayCollapse )

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I kind of really want to start posting my Teen Wolf/The 100 fusion on tumblr because that's where my audience for this story is.

Except I have a rule about posting wips.


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Friday Vid Rec: Stargate: Camelot, Plus December meme about crossovers

This vid rec may be a repeat but it is by far one of the best crossover vids I've seen and since [personal profile] elizabeth_rice  asked me to talk more about crossovers, I thought it was apropos.

I only have the Youtube posting, so no vidpost.

Stargate: Camelot by DoubleTreble


What you look for in crossover and fusion fics?

I'm going to talk about this from a writing perspective since I'm always of the opinion that a good writer can sell me on anything. I'm also going to talk about them as if plot and actually writing it were not an issue . . . because so many crossovers don't get written because I have no plot.

So from a writing perspective I don't know if there are specific things that jump out when an idea strikes but there are things that jump out once I start thinking harder about the stories, and whether or not I want to write them.

1. Worldbuilding - Crossovers

I guess the first question that comes to mind is, can characters(s) from one universe plausibly visit character(s) from another universe? It's kind of like having a guest and home team. For longer stories, I like it when they go back to the guests' home field and the roles reverse.

So what allows visits like that? Starting on Earth, both sides exist in the same universe. Cop shows are great for this. Cop shows can pretty much interact with any show that happens on Earth really easily. Have traveling characters like the Winchesters visit DC and get entangled with the NCIS team. Have traveling teams like the BAU from Criminal Minds visit Haven. Have two sets of travelers, the Winchesters and the BAU meet in Colorado.

The other great thing about cop shows is that they are a good foil for supernatural happenings. They are the everyman, the very competent everyman, the people I see myself identifying with if I were ever in that situation. They can also be foils for each other while still being on the same side. Crossing cop shows with cop shows can also be fun because you can contrast the different styles of the teams. Cop show and Vigilante shows, like Leverage or Burn Notice, or Spy shows like Nikita, are fun for the same reasons. So what you have are two groups of people who are ultimately wanting to achieve the same thing, but have very different methods of going about it, and those methods are what put them in conflict. And that's where the story is. How do they resolve working together to solve the problem?

So those are the easy ones.

Combining two genre shows can be trickier, but also a whole lot of fun. There are two ways to do this, combine them in the same world like you do the cop shows, or have the characters travel the multiverse. Thank god for the multiverse. And wormholes.

Most of the time when I've combined two genre shows it's been, two space shows via wormhole (I've got two different ways of mixing Farscape wormholes with Stargate wormholes), or a space show with a supernatural show where they exist in the same world. I've also seen the space show and the supernatural show combine thanks to wormholes and multiverse, but I've only done that in very quick one-shots where I don't go into it.

I'm not as much of a fan of mixing two supernatural shows dealing with similar creatures as if they've always existed in the same universe, i.e. Supernatural with Buffy because of how the two canons portray knowledge of the worlds. I always feel like one side of the crossover or the other is unnecessarily dumbed down to make it work since there was this whole other type of vampire that they spent their life not knowing about. It's a personal taste and I roll my eyes at those. I haven't tried to make it work in anything I've written yet. Merging them through alternate universes or wishes or other magical means of transporting to parallel worlds works for me.

How people get to one universe from another can be an important plot point which is why I like having a logical-ish reason because part of the story might be getting the guest characters home. Of course, I also like crossovers that just go for it, and the guest character is stuck in the home universe of the other side of the crossover, and the story is how they deal with it.

2. Worldbuilding - Fusions

Fusion are crossovers where the guest characters exist in the home universe as if they are from the home universe. There isn't a meeting of worlds, it's a how would these characters live in this world if they were born there? Firefly is one of my favorites for fusions because the world building is solid, made up of human civilizations, and it allows for a lot of room between the frontier planets were people live like they would from a western and the Core planets where there are cities and technology. So even if the story is set on the Rim, you can have characters with all sorts of backgrounds that allows a lot of guest characters to fit right in somewhere.

The Stargate program is another favorite I see that works well, though I've never written it. The guest characters come in as a gate team and/or aliens. The Wizarding world works well too, with people going to Hogwarts. The 100 is a new fusion universe for me too, since there's solid world building for the people who survived on Earth after the war.

Anyone else have favorite fusion universes?

3. Good outside point of view and conflict

Whether it's a crossover or a fusion, what draws me to this type of story is the outside point of view. I love outside point of view. It's a chance to see what others think about our characters, what impression they leave, how do they get along with limited info about each other while meanwhile the audience knows both. It's like watching two friends you've introduced get to know each other.

But to make it work, and work well as a story, there needs to be conflict. Smooth sailing friendships are great in real life but don't always make good stories. If you have an ensemble meeting an ensemble, it's fine for a couple of characters to hit it off, but there needs to be some friction between others, something to drive the story. And also that's the fun part of crossovers, building the trust between characters. Or leaving them as rivals and adversaries.

Secrets are good for this, so are having cagey characters who have a hard time getting along with non-team people. Natural distrust between different groups, all that stuff.

5. Things I hate
Oh the many things I hate about bad crossovers. On the Criminal Minds mirror post on LJ, I talk about a few of these things with liliaeth

-- Info dumps, where a character just decides to explain everything that ever happened in their universe to their new friends without resistance or any attention to whether the character would actually share this information with outsiders.

-- Having one character be two people (secret identity) because the actor played a character in each universe. You can do twins, but this trope where they're the same person annoys the fuck out of me because it feels so lazy, and often the stories that come out of it are horrible. I acknowledge that there are exceptions, but it takes a bit to convince me.

-- Two characters who have known each other and been best friends forever across universes without a) being related or b) the story being about them knowing each other. I'm fine if they've met a few times, or have heard of each other, or if the story is about how they met, or if they are continuing a relationship that started in the past. But making them friends with a history without the history and then having them go on adventures feels like cheating. It feels like the writer went off and told a great story to themselves that they refused to share with the audience. You can write the sequel where they're friends and have adventures after you give the reader the backstory. But you have to give us the backstory.

Other things I hate can be filed under poor writing and out of character characters, but these are the main ones specific to crossovers.

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December meme: fill in - fic snippet from Teen Wolf/The 100 crossover
So no one has today for the December meme, and since I'm going to a Christmas party tonight, I'm putting up the first three scenes from the Teen Wolf/The 100 crossover I'm writing.

The 100 is awesome - season 1 is on Netflix and season 2 has been amazing.

This section doesn't have any spoilers for The 100 in it. Everything that comes after does however, since I'm writing around the first season. The main background pairing for this bit is Stiles/Derek.

Teen Wolf/The 100 snippetCollapse )

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December meme: Crossovers I want but don't want to write
hiddencait: What crossover do you want to read, but think you would never want to write?

So I wrote a version of this list before a couple years ago and some of the same stories are on both lists.

1. This one is kind of an extension of an intoabar prompt I wrote where Ronon walks into a bar and meets Adelai Niska from Firefly. At the end of the very short story, Ronon basically says he'll work for Niska, since he sees it as his only means of survival. Ronon is a survivor. So the crossover I want is what happens next. Ronon works as a grunt for Niska, and somehow he runs into Mal's crew. I don't know if this is pre or post War Stories, but either way he ends up striking up a conversation with Zoe, and then helping them out of a jam in return for them taking him with them. Without much choice they do, and voila, Ronon is with the crew. Now he just needs to find an astrophysicist to get home to Atlantis. Shenanigans happen while they're on their journey, and I don't really know what happens but in the meantime Ronon makes friends with the crew and has strange conversations with River and either gets rescued by Rodney or finds a way home.

2. One idea I've had for 15 years and never written was Star Trek Next Generation Enterprise meets Farscape's Moya crew. Order meets Chaos. And that's about all I got.

3. An SG-1 crossover with G.I. Jane. I was obsessed with that movie when it came out, and I wanted an adventure story where Jordan's SEAL team finds something Goauld in the jungle somewhere and the SG-1 team comes in, and she and Carter hit it off. Plus two O'Neil(l)s :)

4. After the SGA finale, Ronon ends up on the run from Stargate Command for some reason and ends up in a beach camp in Hawaii where he meets Kono from Hawaii Five-0. He ends up on the task force's radar and plot happens with John Sheppard coming to help/get in the way. I kind of see it as a John/Ronon story, but that may be in the background.

5. The Firefly/NCIS fusion that I really want to see sketched out even if there isn't an actual fic attached. It's basically what would the NCIS team look like if they grew up in the Firefly universe. Gibbs would be a former Alliance soldier who contracts for the Police Commissioner of some small city on a Rim planet. He's collected people to work with him - Tony was a rich kid who never got back on his ship back to the Core. Kate was an Alliance Security Specialist before Gibbs poached her after he scooped an investigation. McGee was a former police Cortex specialist from the Commissioner's office. Ziva was from the Core, part of a semi-secret anti-insurgency unit tasked with rooting out Brown-coat saboteurs but becoming disillusioned. Ducky was a semi-retired doctor who'd been around the verse and went way back with Gibbs, working on contract when Gibbs needed him. Jimmy was a poor kid that wanted to be a doctor but couldn't afford the MedAcad so Ducky took him on as an apprentice. I go on in more detail here.

And then there are the crossovers that I've made a serious start at but haven't finished.

1. Farscape/SGA - the one where little D'argo accidentally goes through a wormhole and ends up on Atlantis.

2. The infamous Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow where John ends up in Pegasus and becomes a Runner.

3. The Star Trek AOS/Farscape one where the Enterprise encounters a surprise asteroid field and finds a badly wounded D'argo.

4. The Star Trek AOS/Farscape fusion where all the AOS characters are as if they always lived in the Uncharted Territories but became a crew anyway.

5. Burn Notice meets Leverage because why not? It doesn't have a plot though, but man, the dialogue is fun.

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December meme: Criminal Minds
</a></b></a>eleanor_lavish : Do you have a Criminal Minds OTP? And tell me about your CM crossover ideas!

I've seen through season 7 of Criminal Minds. It's one of those shows that I periodically binge watch and I'm a few seasons behind, though I have seen a number of episodes from later seasons that play on ION Television when they do their weekly marathons. I've written about Criminal Minds before here if you're interested. It's still fundamentally true for what I love about the show which are the characters who are very competent, address difficult situations as adults, and where the victim doesn't seem to fall into the cracks as a motivation for the plot.

Now onto OTPs. I don't know that I have an OTP for this show. I can be sold on any pairing if done well, but I think the only one I really see in the show itself is Derek/Penelope. I love their friendship, and I could definitely see it growing into something more. They have a lot of trust and they care for each other, and I just love how they joke and play around but when the chips are down they are there for each other. The episodes where Penelope gets shot just breaks my heart every time, and is one of my favorites.

As for crossovers, Criminal Minds is one of those blessed cop fandoms that is ideal for interacting with other fandoms. It has a traveling ensemble who can show up anywhere in the U.S. (and that one fic that crossed them over with Merlin that I so so wish had been written better because, yes please), and it has characters with strong bonds who are super competent at their jobs, can take on any challenge and come out the other side, sometimes battered but still there. They are compassionate and smart and they will do the right thing.

Because it's a cop show, Criminal Minds is a good straight man for supernatural shows, which is what I'm doing with Haven right now. I've also written a comment fic where the Leverage team steals the identity of the team because their mark gets kidnapped by a serial killer, but it's snippets really. I don't have any other immediate ideas, but I think I have a couple half started Supernatural crossovers too because why not. Whenever I think of Criminal Minds crossovers, the set up is usually the same. They get called to a supernatural crime, cross paths with our other fandom's heroes, and they dance around each other and the big secret for a while before it all comes to a head and everything's revealed, only now they have to work together to figure everything out. Uh, spoilers, it usually works out, and everyone goes home to their respective universes.

One thing I will say about writing Criminal Minds crossovers, and I've only really done the one I just finished with Haven to completion, is that I find it hard sometimes to find the character beats. There is so much exposition in the CM episodes, and since I was doing a case fic, there was necessarily a lot of that there too, that sometimes I felt like anyone could have said the line. Digging in and finding the emotional story was trickier, and I'm not sure how well I succeeded.

But that aside, I had a lot of fun writing it because it's just fun to write befuddled characters and rational people trying to accept the irrational and banging heads against the locals but then working together.

Full list of December meme topics
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December meme: Sheriff Stilinski
</a></b></a>elizabeth_rice asked: More Sheriff Stilinski, please!

When I saw this prompt, I was going to try and get the next bit of the werewolf!sheriff story done to post, but alas, I went to see a rocket launch and didn't get to it. It will come eventually.

Sheriff Stilinski is one of the best parts of Teen Wolf, and his relationship to Stiles is one of the things the show gets really really right. He is Stiles's dad and it's clear in every interaction. They are ridiculous together, when he learns about werewolves with the chess pieces he gets details mixed up as he's sorting it out in his head, he sees through Stiles's bullshit when Stiles tries to explain that he's gay as an excuse for being at the Jungle, I love his confused face when Derek gets turned into a teenager even though he knows supernatural shit happens in Beacon Hills at this point. And always, he really loves him and Stiles loves him and that's never in doubt.

As sheriff we get to see him trying to wrap his head around the supernatural mysteries that keep popping up, and one of my favorite types of stories from the early season was Sheriff finds out about werewolves. He's good at his job and competence is always a turn on, and he works cases with Stiles, them working as partners, which I love. Basically I have lots of Stilinski family feels.

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